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May 23rd, 2010 (08:13 pm)

testing blogging app for phone...


March 12th, 2010 (08:19 pm)
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My Mood: content

I've had this account for what seems like forever. Over that time, it's been several different things and had several different formats, but I haven't really DONE anything with it.

I need to change this...

Do I turn this place into fiction? Or continue rambling on about my issues? What about the RPing I already do elsewhere?

Ugh...just writing theses thoughts out make me feel emo. It fits though, for the moment anyway, so I can't fault the feeling.


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Between the lines

July 14th, 2009 (01:56 am)

Current Location: Twitter
My Mood: calm

I'm not negative. I'm a realist.
But I tend to look past the blessings due to their tiny size and focus on the darker clouds lining up along the horizon.
I am also a make of excuses on occasion. This helps me feel less horrible about myself and whatever weakness is creeping into my mind.
What is a realist? How can you be a realist when you don't exactly believe in the concreteness of reality?
What is Reality?
I am lazy.
Sure, I give a never-ending list of differing reasons why things happen or don't, but truth be told not even the smallest effect will occur without a cause.
Of this, I'm most positive...



June 23rd, 2009 (12:00 am)

Current Location: Sweating inside...
My Mood: hot

Underneath, I saw a place above another place. A plane above another plane. Another universe unto itself, but folded within the infinite ripples of existing reality. With each little nudge, every little wave, it moved and shifted sending countless alterations outward into the cosmos both before, during, and after one another. Time meant nothing and yet was there, a thread within the great fabric.

Breathing heavily, I inhaled deeply. My lungs expanded beyond the limits of physical form. My spirit pushed farther into the outer reaches, into the swirling dust and fading starlight. Softness brushed me gently ushering me forward, outward, upward. Here, there, nowhere, and back again - I traveled distances limitless in scope and for years unknown to the oldest of all things without moving an inch or breathing a sigh.

I am...


June 21st, 2009 (12:59 am)
Current Location: staring back out through the haze...
My Mood: Silent
Current Diversion: True Blood

There's so many words in my brain, but they refuse to flow to my fingers.
Like a river, dammed and damned double, motion wants, though nothing budges.
But blockades aren't possible, possibly.
Sometimes it's just easier to hum...



June 16th, 2009 (02:01 am)
Current Location: Here, there, and in-between...
My Mood: Not sleepy, sadly.
Current Diversion: Only the humming of a gently turning fan...

I am a werewolf of a different sort, cut from the cloth of a thousand mismatched socks. A multicolor patchwork of near-toothless gears, bent cogs, and rusted springs. My blanket covers many fires causing caustic rings of smoldering sage to wisp gently through the trees: Oh, how the branches sway in my wake.

Listen to my chant of tomes lifetimes passed by. Stars streak and fall like moons over endless waves. Secrets spoken for all to deaf ears. I scribble ragged serpentine runes along notches in the sand. Rock meets sky: Water meets flame. Cover me toe to tips and cast me headlong into the realm of the never-ending and ever-was.

I glide, riding and taste sweetness and salt. Heavy the air heaving: The weight less and more, next and none, to and fro. Along the map of your makers my fingers trace lines of power and brace for release. Flowing, we tumble into the aether intertwined and explode into a million tiny particles. Creation. Chaos. Perfection.

And in the seventh hour, we rested.

To Whom It May Concern

June 13th, 2009 (07:34 pm)
Current Location: On the cusp of greatness...
My Mood: Fucktastic
Current Diversion: The Germs

It has come to my attention a possibility exists those who I refer to as complete idiots devoid of dressing themselves at my current employment, The Shithouse, may be familiar with my rantings, ravings, and writings here.

If so, let me state, for the record, I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT. This is my blog, my opinions, and if this causes you grief, then get over it and stop reading. Besides, since I am always very general with my mentions, if you read over something I've said and conclude through your blind leaping about I'm speaking about you, then this says more about your own guilt than anything I claim.

Stop being pathetic. Stop thinking of yourselves as anything other than another in a long line of inane blips of the radar of the cosmos. The universe doesn't care any more about you than any of the rest of us, and on my list of important people you rank less than those I actually despise.

I will continue to write whenever the mood strikes, about whatever I desire, and say whatever I feel necessary, regardless how anyone else feels about said subject. If knowing this causes a loss of sleep, then I suggest therapy, beginning a heavy drinking routine, or actually getting over yourself.

Does this mean I wish ill of you? Not at all. In fact, as stated previous, I have no opinion either way.

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to continue on with my life and not giving 1/4 of a shit about any hard feelings you may have about my virtual little corner of this Space...


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Notes on a Scandal (or Office Space - Shithouse edition)

April 4th, 2009 (03:34 am)

Current Location: Home, finally...
My Mood: creative
Current Diversion: The voices in my head...

The following are notes I nearly put in with my shift-end paperwork at The Shithouse. After a horrendous night, and another dealing with the aftermath of those idiots on our first shift, my fingertips felt a little frisky, so I went to town.

If not for a total meltdown about notes a few weeks ago, which led to the unjust dismissal of a friend, I'd kept them in my paperwork as a laugh. However, knowing the majority of those who'd read through my paperwork are of the breed who find Fart Jokes and Larry the Cable Guy humorous the stuff of legend, I chose not to include them.

Doesn't mean I can't share here though. And yes, the names of the innocent and the Evil corporation whom we are indentured to have been altered in the sake of job security. Enjoy...

[ - The Shithouse - ] 2nd Shift Notes – April 4, 2009


Disclaimer: The following notes were written by a man worked to the bone over the course of the last 2 weeks. His mind may be slipping a tad due to exhaustion, so please bear this in mind whilst thumbing through his description of the events of Friday night past. Thank you.


Upon arrival I was informed by the 1st Shift Superiors the floor was a mess. This was an understatement.

In fact, to refer to the state of the floor then as a mess is to insult any past or future mess as it pertains to the condition of said floor. We could call it horrendous, something too unprofessional for repeating here, or quite possibly Lovecraftian, but the word "mess" wouldn’t do proper justice to the sight I beheld. On some level, it was probably a bit awe-inspiring. Perhaps it was art and I just didn’t recognize it.


Anyway, the floor held enough [ - Product -] to finish the [ - Container - ] I started the night previous. This was before attempting anything else and took some time due to placement on the floor and the fact several [ - Extra Product - ] needed to be sorted from it. I do commend the proper stacking at 12-high though.


Between this, working the drop (which [ - Evil Corproation bent on the destruction of all life - ] added to happily), arranging the cluster into something resembling efficiency, and some needed housecleaning, it was roughly 7:30pm or later before the first [ - Container - ] was attempted.


And I must extend hearty thanks to [ - Coworker - ], who arrived to assist me in tonight’s endeavors. It was much appreciated.


And if you have made it thus far without a chuckle or two, please understand these notes are written in a spirit of jest. On occasion, events occur beyond our control, and we are left with nothing else to do save getting over it and moving forward. Tonight, I did this and felt like having a laugh about it. Hopefully, you did as well.

Yeah, that was fucking worth it.



Alone between the lines...

March 18th, 2009 (10:26 pm)

Current Location: sitting in the corner...
My Mood: disappointed
Current Diversion: Photoshop and the thoughts I can't seem to spill onto the page...

Again, I cry out
They turn, glance, and continue on.

How can my story possibly continue?


Linkage: Incredible Vehicle

March 17th, 2009 (06:42 pm)

Current Location: Zipping through the virtual pathways of the Internets
My Mood: content
Current Diversion: blogs, blogs, and more blogs...

Incredible Vehicle

I ran across this blog while looking into D&D stuff. Interesting read and It's now on my Bloglines list.

Here's a nice entry about Matt's dislike of gnomes and bards...


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